Mud Treatment

Lincoln Avenue Spa has taken the mud bath tradition to a new standard of luxury. We offers a body detox mud treatment for couples and individuals using a specially designed Ayurvedic steam table. this is the perfect alternative to the Calistoga mud baths for those visitors to Napa Valley that want the detoxifying benefits of the mud and heat without the traditional immersion mud bath. Our detox body mud is an individualized mixture prepared exclusively for each client applied to the body much like a body facial, in a private room with aromatherapy, for singles and couples.

Mud Treatment approx. 1 hr. $79.00

Mud Treatment for couplesMud Treatment and Day Spa

Body Detox Mud Masque

Mud Treatment relaxing

Done on a specially designed Ayurvedic steam tables in a private room. The Body mud masque features rejuvenating and detoxifying clays, herbs and oils. Our warm and rich body masques are prepared exclusively for each client. The warmth of the aromatic steam has you relaxing as you unwind and detoxify, you will emerge renewed and refreshed.

Single $79.00 Couples $149.00



Ayurvedic Herbal Mineral

Special detoxifying blend of Ayurvedic herbs,minerals and clays


Sea Mud

A clay blend of Sea Kelp with a hint of lavender especially detoxifying for the skin.


Moor Mud

Hungarian peat, clay and lavender mixture with Amino acids and restorative minerals great for pain management and cellular rejuvenation.


IMG_0380Earth Mud

Sarson (Mustard Seed) – Exquisite aroma and healing, analgesic properties.

A soothing,healthful blend of Thyme, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint and


Mint Mud

A refreshing and cleansing treat on a warm day.


Wine and Green Tea

“In honor of Wine Country” enjoy a blend of anti-aging green tea with detoxifying crushed dried grapes.


Chocolate, Vanilla or Both

Antioxidant by nature these organic essential oil and clay mixtures will keep you looking and feeling young.