European Body Wrap Checklist

  • Have you had any surgery within the last 6-8 months?
  • Do you have any heart condition or high or low blood pressure?
  • Do you have any respiratory problems?
  • Do you have any circulatory problems, spider veins or vericose veins?
  • Do you have any back problems-slipped disc, sciatic nerve?
  • Do you have skin rashes, eczema or sunburn?
  • Are you diabetic?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Have you had any seizures?
  • Do you have a liver or kidney disease?
  • Do you suffer from any other chronic condition?
  • Are you younger than 18?

If you answer “No” to all the above questions we will be happy to schedule a European Body Wrap for you. Please call us at 707-942-2950 so that we can book your appointment.

Please remember that the European Body Wrap is approximately two hours long.

If you are staying with us for several days, you should plan on booking your European Body Wrap during the last day of your stay-this is because you should not receive a spa treatment for several days after your wrap. Your spa appointments should therefore be booked before your wrap.

When you come for your wrap:

Bring an old pair of cotton underwear to wear during the wrap and a clean pair for after.
Don’t shave, wax, or Nair before wrap-it will sting!
Don’t eat a heavy meal right before your wrap-have time to digest. Be sure, however, to eat something before your wrap. You should not do a wrap on an empty stomach.
Don’t drink anything for a couple of hours before the wrap.
Please remember that a 48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY applies to all European Body Wrap.

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