European Body Wrap

If you have often talked about losing weight but just can’t seem to follow through, a European Body Wrap at Lincoln avenue Spa may be just the thing to give you the boost you need. The European Body Wrap is a specialized spa treatment for both men and women to help detoxify, tone and tighten your skin. We guarantee that you will lose a minimum of 6 inches of total body measurement and that you will keep those inches off for at least 30 days. The European Body Wrap will be your most rewarding and satisfying Napa Valley spa treatment.

The wrap takes approximately 2  hours. The majority of that time is spent moving around and exercising. The wrap process brings together detoxification in conjunction with resistance exercise and is able to relieve toxic effect on the muscles as they are toned. This provides firmer, tighter tissue and thereby creates inch loss.

The wrap lifts the hips, smoothes bumps and bulges on the thighs, flattens the tummy, contours the waistline and lifts the breasts. While you will not lose any weight, a European Body Wrap gives you the ability to hold a better shape by detoxifying, toning and tightening the skin and soft tissue.

BODY WRAP — 179.00



Please call Lincoln Avenue Spa in Calistoga at 707-942-2950 to make a reservation for your European Body Wrap. We will ask you a number of health questions to be sure that the European Body Wrap is right for you. All reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card and require 48-hour notice for a cancellation.

30-DAY Money-back GUARANTEE

All patrons receive a 30-day Money-back guarantee that a minimum of six (6) inches taken off during the introductory wrap will stay off! This conditional only upon not gaining weight and following the after-wrap instructions. If 30 days have elapsed and your weight remains the same or less and your total body measurements are not at least six (6) inches less than your original measurements, all moneys for your introductory wrap will be refunded. To qualify for this guarantee, your measurements must be taken at our facility 30 days from your introductory wrap.

Get All Wrapped Up in Yourself
The Skinny on Slimming with a European Body Wrap
By Jill Beaverson-Dietz

If you ever wished that you could be several inches slimmer or fit into a special outfit that’s a bit too tight, try a European Body Wrap. Not only can this unique and intensive treatment help you look spectacular in your wedding dress or at your high school reunion, it will also cleanse and detoxify your skin, so you feel better, too.

Some people think that this treatment involves the loss of water weight. However, the wrap does not involve water loss. It works by cleansing, toning, tightening and rejuvenating the tissue between the muscle base and the skin.

It is important to understand that your lifestyle has a huge impact on the amount of toxins in your body. Toxin accumulation can be affected by age, illnesses, medications, lack of exercise, lack of water, improper eating habits, drinking alcohol, smoking, stress and weight loss. When the skin becomes overloaded with toxic fluids, they are stored between fat cells.

However, the Lincoln Avenue Spa guarantees the loss of at least six inches with the introductory wrap. This 30-day guarantee is conditional upon the client following maintenance instructions and not gaining weight.

The process take approx. 2 hours; however, because this is a rather intensive treatment, it may be safer to reserve  2 1/2 hours for the process.

First, you are taken to a private room at Lincoln Avenue Spa, equipped with light exercise equipment. You then strip down to your underwear – they should be all cotton, so that they can absorb the clay that’s used in the treatment.

Your measurements are taken – and not just the standard bust, waist and hips. You will get measured everywhere from your ankles to you rib cage and back, as well as your upper arms and all areas in between. Almost 20 measurements are taken.

Next you are covered in special clay mixed just specialty for you. This treatment clay is rich in sea salt, kelp and minerals. Similar to Bentonite, the active mineral in many medicinal clays which comes from weathered volcanic ash, The Lincoln Avenue clay draws toxins from you skin.

Then comes the wrapping. Your attendant tightly wraps what appear to be ace bandages from your ankles to shoulders. You can opt to have your neck and jaw line wrapped, too, if you would like to lose any inches from that area. Keep in mind that these bandages are applied very tightly – so much so that it’s a little hard to walk after you’re freshly wrapped.

After that, you’re given a cozy, large sweat suit so you won’t be cold in the bandages, and you have an hour to do light exercise. An exercise machine and hand weights are supplied in the room. You can just do lunges, knee bends and stretches if you so desire. The point is to keep moving. And you can read or talk to your attendant if you so desire.

After your hour is up, your attendant removes your bandages, gives you washcloths and towels to scrub yourself off, and re-measures you. My result was 9 ¾ inches, and I exercise a lot, though I probably have a lot of toxins through caffeine, stress and medications. Almost all of my losses were ½ or 5/8 inches from various parts of my body, though I did lose an entire inch from my stomach. My jeans were indeed looser than before I started the process three hours earlier, and my skin did feel refreshed. And though the treatment does not guarantee weight loss, I lost 2 or 3 lbs for a few days, and this was without exercising (it is recommended not to exercise for a few days after your treatment). It was too bad I did not have a special outfit I needed to fit into for that weekend. I almost felt like going out and buying something a size smaller than I’d normally buy just to wear it around for a few days.

Besides removing inches, the European body wrap helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The cleansing and compacting of the soft surface tissue will temporarily minimize the unsightly, lumpy appearance of cellulite on the things and other areas where it is present.

This is a fantastic treatment for a quick pick-me-up, a special occasion, or to jump start a diet. Experience this unique treatment to boost your self-esteem, tighten up or get ready for something special!

When you come for your wrap:

*  Bring an old pair of cotton underwear to wear during the wrap and a clean pair for after.

*  Don’t shave, wax, or Nair before wrap – it will sting!

*  Don’t eat a heavy meal right before your wrap – have time to digest.  Be sure, however, to eat something before you wrap.

* You should not do a wrap on a empty stomach.

*  Don’t drink anything for a couple of hours before you wrap.

*  Bring music and headset that you would like to listen to during your treatment.